Visit the world of H.C.Andersen near Præstø, Denmark’s only theater park, open all July.

Here you can experience the fairy tales H.C.Andersens for theater.

Please call for prices and timing (61681678) or visit our homepage.

Come! Look! Hear! Feels! Give the senses a wonderful day into the world of

Mermaids, and makes a walk under 2 m high flowers with thumbelina

And become part of the adventure in H.Candermind’s world.


Discover the castle and make fantastic creations in the workshop. There is much here

Space for fun experiences, games and relaxation for the whole family.


Tickets can be booked through our website, or purchased locally.


Opening hours:



The unknown world of H.C.ndersen in Præstø:

150 years ago H.C.Andersen visited the area around Præstø. He lived with the peaks of time at Nysø. In addition, he often frequented the beautifully situated Christinelund farm, which belonged to the estate.

A visit to Præstø and Jungshoved gives a deep insight into a region of Denmark, where the great writer got his inspiration on the walks in beautiful nature with gnarled trees and small paths with a view of Præstø Fjord. H.C.Andersen also liked to bathe there. He was a goddaughter of the daughters of Christina, and the picture books with his paper-cuts refer to it.

In the middle of this story an experience has been created.



H.C.Andersens world in Præstø. It is a universe of theater, game and creativity,

Where children and adults are invited to the fairy tales with all their senses.



It is so beautiful in the country:

A surprising oasis of summer, togetherness and adventurous experiences.

In Thumbelina Univers you can jump under 2m high flowers. One can meet the mouse, the mole, and the swallow. With the little mermaid and the Snow Queen, the fairy tales are not listed but told. The workshop offers small projects for both children and adults, and the fairy tales of both professional and children’s amateurs are presented in fantastic demonstrations on the two scenes.


H.C. Andersens World is a very special theater experience, fairy tales, where you can play, try out costumes and participate in workshops. It is a magnificent theater park, where the audience is animated. We also have a small café where you can buy coffee, tea, drinks and cakes. You can also take your food brought on the meadow.




Contact: www.hcandersensverden.dk


Tlf: 61 68 16 78



Skovhusevej 26

4720 Præstø


Opening hours:


1 July – 05 August


Tuesday-Sunday 11am – 3pm




Or buy at the entrance